Enza Capital

We back teams using tech to solve large and meaningful problems across Africa

We back founders and teams using technology to solve large and meaningful problems across Africa. We partner with African technology companies that are organising the offline online, digitizing key industries, and redefining the way Africans live, earn, work, do business, and thrive.

Our core thesis is driven by identifying verticals in Africa where the problems are large and meaningful, which can be solved commercially, and where technology is core. Enza Capital leads and co-leads investments into category defining technology companies in the fintech, logistics, health, human capital, and climate smart sectors across Africa.

We are a multi-stage venture capital firm, meaning that we partner with you and invest from pre-seed through to Series B on our first check. For pre-seed investments, we typically invest in repeat founders with complete founding teams, and our intention is to continue investing over the lifecycles of company growth.


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Location Nairobi, Kenya
Targets Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic