Entrepreneurial Planning Institute


We are obsessed with planning! Not only because it offers entrepreneurs, leaders & managers with a clear map for taking action, but also because it forms a key element in creating purposeful impact.

The Entrepreneurial Planning Institute is a non-profit organization where we use a straight-forward model we call the Results Cycle. This model is applied in our work with entrepreneurs, in the Enterprise & Supplier Development programs we design, and in the support, we offer business advisors, mentors & coaches.

We empower practitioners to make a difference!


The Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI) is a non-profit organization drawing on over a century of combined experience in developing & implementing ESD projects & entrepreneurship programs in South Africa.

The Institute was conceived in 2015 by a hand-full of South African ESD Practitioners, some whom have been involved in developing small businesses since the late 80s. They were motivated by a wish to contribute to improving the quality of service delivery offered through hundreds of new ESD Programmes & to cover gaps left in the fast-evolving entrepreneurship support & small supplier development eco-system.

The EPI was registered in 2016 as a Non-Profit Company with the mission to develop impactful & meaningful approaches to Enterprise & Supplier Development, and to contribute to increasing the capacity offered through the entrepreneurship support eco-system in Southern Africa.


We focus on increasing the quality of service delivery offered by ESD Practitioners and reaching sectors which lag behind with integration into industry value chains. Our approach is based on combining international best practice in small business development with locally validated entrepreneurship support practice, delivered through three focus areas:


The needs of non-urban small businesses are distinctly different from those in urban areas. This also largely applies to woman entrepreneurs. We present ESD programs for these contexts, and we work closely with partners in delivering such programs.


We create and refine planning, management, and productivity tools, and we develop learning materials and platforms, specifically with the needs in mind of small business owners and startup entrepreneurs, and those initiatives supporting them.

The quality and impact of ESD programs are directly linked to the abilities of the coaches, mentors, facilitators, trainers, and consultants delivering the programs. We offer coaching, peer-support and NQF-aligned training to these practitioners.


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Location Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic