DOB Equity

Capital for entrepreneurship in eastern Africa

DOB Equity allocates substantial resources to portfolio management. DOB actively works with the entrepreneurs to mitigate potential risks related to the environment, social and governance matters, whilst creating value and social impact for the company and its communities.

DOB Equity is a family backed impact fund investing in socially responsible businesses across sectors in East Africa.

From the late nineties the family started pursuing social activities globally with a mission to combine entrepreneurship with impact, the foundation for what DOB is doing now. Over the years we have focused our strategy on investing equity in scalable and innovative companies that have the potential to impact the lives of low and middle income communities in East Africa.

DOB Equity is an active, truly hands-on and long-term partner and a leader in impact investing worldwide. All proceeds from investments are re-invested providing access to finance to the next generation of promising entrepreneurs. 


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Location Nairobi, Kenya
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