Technological Program for Productive Transformation

In the face of climate change


About the program

This program aims to address competitiveness gaps associated with climate crisis challenges, identified in the prioritized productive sectors, through the development and adaptation of technologies, which can be implemented in the industry during the execution of the program.

The Matchmaking Platform aims to generate a meeting point between different entities, in order to foster strategic alliances that complement capacities and contribute to strengthening associative proposals for the program.


  • $2,000,000,000 (two billion Chilean pesos). This is a non-refundable allowance that covers up to 60.00% of the total cost of the program.
  • The minimum input of participating entities (includes pecuniary and non-pecuniary contributions) is at least 40.00% (forty percent) of the total cost of the program.
  • In particular, the pecuniary contribution must be at least 20.00% (twenty percent) of the total cost of the program.
  • The duration may not exceed 5 (five) years.

Who can apply

May apply as a beneficiary or a “Technology Manager” a legal person, public or private, with or without a profit, constituted in Chile, which must prove the following characteristics:

    • Have technical capabilities, management, transfer of technological developments to industry and business innovation, in the specific productive and/or economic sector for the correct execution and direction of the Program.
    • To be a technological reference in the specific productive sector, to act as a counterpart in the different projects that are
    • Have experience in the management and/or execution of technological base projects in the specific productive and/or economic sector to be addressed by the Program.
    • Count or have the capacity to have a team with sufficient specialized human capital, to ensure the management, transfer and dissemination of technological developments obtained as a result of the Program.
    • Have work experience with institutions, such as, technological centers, institutions of higher education, relevant companies of the sector or others, which grant you relevance to address the Program.
    • Know the legal bases here


      • Implementing technological developments in pre-commercial or commercial stages related to resolving the gaps and/or challenges of the call.
        • Technological additionality through the development or adaptation of systems, in the production and business processes, that add value and increase productivity and/or competitiveness of the sector.
          • Implementation of the transfer and business model operating for the various technological developments, which enable its implementation in the sector prioritized in the proposal.
            • sector prioritized in the proposal, as well as offering productive technological developments.
              • Contribution to the competitiveness of the sector, based on improvements in processes and/or products.
              • It is hoped that, in this way, the final results of the program will positively impact on improving the quality of life of people and territories, by adapting to climate change the productive activities of their environment.
                • Specific results in relation to the problem addressed (e.g. Carbon footprint reduction, or water efficiency indicator, among others)


                  1. Sign up to the system
                  2. Review the legal bases
                  3. Review the evaluation criteria
                  4. Download the documents to be presented
                  5. Clear all your doubts (frequently asked questions)
                  6. Call Webinars


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                  • Assessment                                   Term: 04/10/2022
                  • Results Communication     Home: 05/10/2022     Term: 25/10/2022
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                  August 10, 2022
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                  Targets Chile
                  Sectors Sector agnostic
                  SDG (1)13. Climate Action