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Investing to overcome fragility

While poverty has decreased globally, fragile communities continue to lag behind in terms of development. For these communities to flourish, economic development is essential. To support this, financial systems must be strengthened, investments in businesses provided and jobs need to be created. However, the most fragile developing countries lack access to inclusive financial services.

Cordaid Investment Management B.V. (CIMBV) fills this gap by investing in people and businesses that have limited or no financial alternatives. We offer access to finance using a mix of financial instruments and focus on supporting women and young people.


CIMBV, the asset management branch of Cordaid Foundation, demonstrates that it is possible to create scalable and sustainable social impact in fragile contexts. We invest in Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) that offer inclusive finance to micro entrepreneurs. We also invest in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have limited or no financial alternatives. CIMBV uses a mix of instruments: patient capital (equity and subordinated debt) and senior debt including loans with longer maturities. We harness social returns throughout our investment processes, and we pride ourselves of being forward thinking when it comes to measuring social impact and designing social performance indicators and assessment tools.

CIMBV manages thematic investment funds that foster Cordaid’s multidisciplinary approach to development. The Rural and Agriculture Fund (RURAF) provides agricultural subsectors with access to finance to boost local rural economies. RURAF focuses on MFIs that serve farmers and rural microentrepreneurs. The Stability Impact Fund (SIF) contributes to economic development in fragile communities. SIF is an impact fund serving all segments of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The Stability Impact Fund Africa (SIFA) will be a carve-out of SIF specifically focusing on Africa. It provides SMEs and MFIs with access to inclusive finance.

CIMBV is a 100% subsidiary of Cordaid Foundation, which is a frontrunner in opening markets to impact investment since 1997. We work with a professional investment team of 23 persons, with backgrounds in banking and development aid. CIMBV is currently active in 24 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Read more about our footprint.

CIMBV has the strong belief that we can increase our social impact by scaling up. This is the reason why we formulated our ambition statement that will guide our decisions in the following years.


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