Consonance Investment Manager

Impactful and Sustainable Enterprises in Sub Saharan Africa

We are a focused early-stage and growth investing platform that helps entrepreneurs build leading companies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission is to advance Africa’s well-being by supporting teams who have embraced the challenge of building large and profitable enterprises that will stand the test of time.

Our Strategy

Early-, Series A- and Growth-Stage Investment

  • The best time to build a trusted relationship with founders
  • Provides the opportunity to partner with an entrepreneur tackling a problem that counts, within a large and profitable market
  • Allows you to build a strong foundation

Employ a Systems-Thinking / Full Stack Approach

  • Every opportunity is part of a larger system. Understanding the components part of the system reduces blind spots to profitability, and scale
  • We prefer platforms. Given the unbuilt condition of many sub Saharan Africa countries, it’s the structure/ strategy best suited to scale.

Presence of a MOAT

  • Business models that create or fixes markets and value chains.
  • Businesses that meet a critical and fundamental need of society.
  • Control of distribution and/or supply chain.
  • Installed base of equipment/software.

An Indispensable Service Delivery Infrastructure

  • Investment team provides the analytical rigor to ensure we pay the right price and ensure portfolio construction is optimal.
  • Enterprise Formation and Value Creation team provides early crucial support to our companies. Ultimately, we build trust with our entrepreneurs to enable open communications so we can provide timely interventions as needed.
  • Informatics team helps procure hyper-local primary information and data across all our target industries where data is unavailable through on the ground research, surveys, focus groups etc.


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Location Lagos, Nigeria
Targets Sub-Saharan Africa
Big data, Clean technology and energy, Computer software, EdTech, Enterprise software, Financial services, Healthcare, HealthTech, HR and recruitment, ICT, Real estate, Software as a Service, Transport and logistics



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