centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi

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221 Avenue des Usines, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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Le centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi est un hub d’innovation dont l’objet est d’equiper les jeunes innovateurs et  entrepreneurs avec les competences d’innovation requises pour batir des startups technologiques (ou a predominance technologique) competitives au travers l’innovation, les technologies et l’entreprenariat.


The centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi is an innovation hub in the vicinity of the city of Lubumbashi in the DRC.
We’re working to equip the youth with a full set of services locally accessible to build their innovative skills and make their startups competitive through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.
The aim : to participate to the building of smatter african cities, in particular in the DRC and the central Africa.

We are open and innovate with you! Join our effort