Caracas Valley

Business alliance committed to the development of the economy in Venezuela.

We accompany you to build with you the platform for your Startup to be transformed into one of the most important creations of your life.

Our pillars

  • Know How

The experts in our business alliance will advise you with the best practices of the food, technology and textile industry to bring the learning curve of your business and progress faster in your project, we are convinced that timely advice will prevent you from making mistakes unnecessary.

      The Method
Capture the learning you need for the creation and development of your business model occurs in the operation and in the relationship with your leads, we specialize in the application of the Lean Startup method to make sure what can work in your business before you invest more of the time, money and effort needed.

We want to create a space of creativity and support in one place. Community willing to develop skills to undertake innovative and high impact businesses for our society. Here you will get everything you need a startup to develop the pontential of your business project. Together we will get much further!


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Location Venezuela
Targets Venezuela
Sectors Business services
SDG (3)
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth