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Leading sustainable development


Who Are We?

The Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela (CIV) is a non-profit Civil Association that groups institutions and individuals both natural and legal, who as actors of the Real Estate Industry and within the framework of a shared vision for the achievement of their mission, contribute their action and investment to the development of the Real Estate Sector. Our Institution, was founded by twenty-three (23) entrepreneurs on November 21, 1966, led by the Casimiro Vegas Rolando. Initially, they were called the Chamber of the Horizontal Property and Real Estate, based in the city of Caracas as the main seat, but with the right to establish cameras anywhere in the Republic. With the passage of time and the development of the sector, the institution became known as the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela (CIV), until today.


The Mission of the REAL ESTATE CHAMBER OF VENEZUELA is to lead the Sustainable Real Estate Development of Venezuela, by strengthening the actors responsible for the Sector and promoting respect for the duties and rights of its affiliates.


VENEZUELA for the achievement of its mission has been proposed to deepen its action as a participant and active protagonist of the transformations that the development of the Real Estate Industry in Venezuela requires. That is why its members visualize an Association that deepens its action:

  • Leading the Real Estate Sector.
  • Taking an active part in determining the rules of the game that govern the participation of the members of the Sector in the Market and in the development of the communities.
  • Expanding and strengthening the participation spaces of its members.
  • Developing growing organizational strengths projected at the National level.
  • Establishing conditions for the systematic training of Human Resources
  • Trascising the boundaries of the guild to participate in the planning of the public and in improving the quality of life of the environments in which their actions affect, thereby strengthening the social asset of the Nation.
  • Extending participation with other decision groups and facilitating the generational relay.
  • Acting with Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism and
  • Establishing effective communication with the Real Estate Chambers and other Institutions related to the Real Estate Industry.


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Location Venezuela
Targets Venezuela
Sectors Business services
SDG (3)
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 7. Affordable and Clean Energy