Design Thinking for Social Innovation

What is design thinking and why is it so useful for social innovation?

Social problems are complex and finding effective ways to tackle and deal with them is difficult. Organisations are beginning to embrace design thinking as a preferred approach to address social challenges in an innovative way. In this webinar, you will find out what makes design thinking the best approach for social innovation!

Design thinking differs from other ways of problem-solving because it prioritises the human. It requires empathy and working out who exactly you are designing for and what they really need from a solution.

This webinar offers an overview of the design thinking process and how it can help you to create social impact in your work. It also provides an overview of the requirements for a successful design thinking process.

What makes Butterfly Works’ training unique?

  • We work with real examples from 20+ years of experience in International development across the globe
  • We make it practical with a general challenge and tools/exercises to switch to a more design-thinking-oriented mindset
  • We use our unique and open source Toolbox that can be easily adjusted to different contexts and used to tackle any social issue.

Who is it for?

  • People working for organisations focusing on social impact who want to change their work or are exploring ways to work differently towards being more agile, innovative, creative and inclusive.
  • You can join the webinar or workshop as an individual, but it is also great if you join with your colleagues in-country and globally (it will allow you to create a shared foundation among a bigger team on design thinking with the same understanding and vocabulary).

What we offer

  • Theory on design thinking: principles, steps and required mindsets.
  • Example stories: Success stories of how design thinking was or wasn’t applied and what the results were.
  • Short exercises to experience the required mindsets and create a positive interactive atmosphere.
  • After the webinar, you will receive the webinar materials and a certificate of participation.


The webinars are offered at a discounted price of €25,- per person (Incl VAT)

(regular price €45,- incl VAT)

If you want we can also plan the webinar at a time that suits you (from 10 persons) or design a custom-made workshop. Please reach out to to request more information or if you have any concerns or issues with the payment.

Join us on:

  • 1st November at 8 pm (CET) or
  • 3rd November at 4 pm (CET)

2-hour online webinar


Nov 1 - 20:00 - Nov 3, 2022 - 16:00
Organizer Design Innovation Group (DIG)
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