How to Build Effective Circular Economy Strategies in Africa

Background of “In The Box” Knowledge Series: The knowledge series was created by Boxplay Ventures, an Accra based Start-up & SME consultant and venture builder. Boxplay is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and building the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Ghana and on the continent.

The LinkedIN Live event series aimed at exchanging insights and contextual knowledge in the African entrepreneurial and venture building ecosystem based on real needs of entrepreneurs, ecosystem enablers and investors that we encounter regularly in the course of our work. We discuss the respective thematics in depth with experts and practitioners.

This event seeks to address a pressing global issue while focusing specifically on the African context. It will also promote sustainable practices and encourage businesses to adopt circular economy principles, which can lead to environmental and economic benefits. As such, we want to bring together an expert panel to share their knowledge and experiences, fostering collaboration and innovation.

The conversation with four speakers will guide entrepreneurs through the principles and practices of the circular economy, which focuses on reducing waste, reusing resources, and creating sustainable business models. Entrepreneurs would gain insights on how to integrate circular economy principles into their operations, products, and services. They would also learn about the potential benefits, such as cost savings, innovation opportunities, and positive environmental impact.

This discussion aims to:

  • Discuss circular economy principles and practices
  • Empower African entrepreneurs to make a positive difference in African markets by adopting sustainable and circular economic business practices.
  • Highlight potential benefits of sustainable circular economy practices, such as cost savings, innovation opportunities, and positive environmental impact.
  • Discuss unique challenges associated with the circular economy in African markets.


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