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TEAMS PASSIONATE ABOUT SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: We’re searching for teams that are developing solution-based projects that transform the travel industry and problem solvers that are capable of engineering their visions into reality.

IDEAS AND PROJECTS THAT SPARK CHANGE AT SCALE: Are you developing ideas that can scale to different locations or projects that reach across different regions? We look at scalability as one of the key factors in determining a project’s potential to shape how local, regional and global players approach sustainable travel, both through implementation and knowledge sharing.

SOMETHING INNOVATIVE AND EXPERIMENTAL: Does the idea explore new avenues and experiment with an original approach to replace old practices? We look for projects and initiatives that are truly transformational in character, and not just a tweak to current practice.

BELIEF IN THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY: We want to foster projects and teams who share our belief that technology and innovation can accelerate positive change within the travel industry at large.


10-20 teams with innovative, extreme and ambitious ideas will be invited to take part in our assessment and project building days in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from December 4-7, 2018. Each team will have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from mentors and experts in order to further develop and perfect project plans. In addition to this, the programme will consist of talks on sustainable tourism, lessons on building a structure and plan around your ambitious idea, inspiration from successful ideas and include the opportunity to network with other like-minded innovators.

At the end of the programme, all teams will sit down for a private interview with the judges to give them the chance to share their vision, explain their plans and have their projects evaluated for a share of the fund. Following this, judges will be given some time to deliberate and select the projects that will be awarded grants. The Booking Cares Fund programme has been designed to provide ambitious non-profit ideas with support and expertise to turn visions into reality.

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September 16, 2018
Program dates Dec 10, 2018: 0:00
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