8 qualities of an entrepreneur to consider before mentoring

Building a successful mentoring relationship as a mentor requires more than just a desire to share the knowledge and experience you’ve gained over a career. By understanding what to look for in a mentee, you can help guide them more effectively and get the best out of your relationship. Here are eight personality traits of successful entrepreneurs that you should look out for when deciding on a mentee to mentor.

  • Level of motivation and passion

    Is the entrepreneur motivated by making money or by their passion for turning their dream into a thriving business? Is the entrepreneur excited to have a mentor and show willingness to listen?

  • Risk appetite

    What is the entrepreneur’s level of willingness to take risks? Are they risk averse or daring?

  • Self-belief

    Is the entrepreneur confident? Do they inspire those around them? Do they believe in their vision, in their business proposition and making it happen?

  • Flexibility

    Entrepreneurs face many ups and downs and have to adapt. How flexible is the entrepreneur in adapting to changes encountered while running the business?

  • Knowledge of their industry and place in the ecosystem

    Does the entrepreneur have a good grasp on what’s happening in the industry in which they are working and their business’s place in it? How well do they know the competition, the applicable regulations, the sphere of influence around their business? The entrepreneur should be able to define their target market.

  • Money management

    Is the entrepreneur good with money? Do they have a good idea of the business costs and a clear runway for the future?

  • Planning skills

    Can the entrepreneur plan effectively without falling into the planning paralysis trap? Are they focused on the short-term details or can they also envision the bigger picture? It’s important they know how to plan for the longer term.

  • Connections

    Connections matter. What connections does an entrepreneur already have? Are they leveraging these key relationships to help get their business off the ground?

Assessing a potential mentee’s personality traits, either formally on paper or informally, are key to knowing how to gauge your mentoring approach and where to focus your energy and guidance during the mentorship. Within a single phone call, you can quickly determine a potential mentee’s entrepreneurial knowledge, seriousness, financial understanding, and current position on their journey.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to seek out candidates with humility and a willingness to listen. These qualities indicate a desire to learn and grow, making them the ideal candidates for a successful mentoring relationship.

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