Picking the next generation of changemakers in the Moroccan startup ecosystem

Friday 20th of January was an important day for the Moroccan accelerator organization LaStartupStation.

Not only did the most successful women founders from startups from the 7th cohort of the Scalerator program get the opportunity to pitch in front of a select group of investors during the Scalerator Demo Day, it was also the occasion where the next cohort, Scalerator 8, was announced. A total of 12 startups, including some from the Scalerator 7 cohort, made the cut and were invited to join the exciting program with a series of business development sprints, mentor interactions, corporate partner introductions and much much more.

Felicity team pitching their company

Felicity team

If one thing describes the composition of this new cohort, it is diversity. From a virtual marketplace for cattle traders to an e-health platform, and from smart HR solutions to revolutionizing the coffee industry, all selected startups bring innovative solutions to disrupt different segments of the Moroccan economy.

Reflecting on the Scalerator 8 cohort, Mehdi Alaoui, founder and CEO of La Startup Station, says: “Scalerator 8 with all its diversity and a great gender balance will be a great opportunity to reveal a new pool of talented entrepreneurs, offer them opportunities for growth and connect them with business opportunities and investment capital.”

Out of close to 100 applications from Moroccan tech startups, through a competitive selection process the following 12 startups were selected:

Help Mariage Morocco

A community that offers future prides services and offers to make their wedding experience easier and happier, with less hassle to find the best deals; while offering future prides a chronological task manager, guest list manager, wedding coaching budget tracking and more.

Odhiya Morocco

A Marketplace dedicated to the marketing of live animals such as moutons, cows, and goats. Also the sale and distribution of a democratic way of red meat at points of sale offering big surface, butcher shops, catering services and individual services.

Smartfy.ma Morocco

The very first augmented reality menu in Morocco. Using AR technology, customers can see what their dish looks like before ordering, indicating the Caloric value and Allergens and also Carbon footprint of each dish. In order to consume in an eco-responsible way and for more visibility on their dish.

Servyny Morocco

Servyny’s purpose is to make it easy for customers to access high-quality BTP services by connecting them with the most qualified and reliable artisans. We work closely with our artisans to ensure that they have the resources and support they need to deliver high-quality services.

Becare Morocco

First Aid Platform At Home and Well Being in Morocco. We offer a wide range of services; for each situation, find the provider whose skills meet your expectations and your level of requirement.

H Kids Morocco

We are a manufacturer of child furniture, intelligent, we have gone through two phases, we began with the achievements of the child furniture equivalent to what is found in the market with a value added design, which represents our key and our creative signature.

Intelvalia Morocco

A human resources management application that facilitates social life within the company and boosts internal communication. Starting with a dematerialization of the HR function from A to Z.

Felicity Morocco

Felicity is a shop, an educational platform and a marketplace enabling the master chocolatiers and producers of the network to develop skills and sell their production, creations and trainings.

Green Foods Lab Morocco

We offer healthy, nutritious and greedy foods, mainly snacking and spreads. The idea is to facilitate access to a healthy diet on a daily basis, all our products are studied to be sources of nutrients and trace-elements and recipes are chosen for the product to be good.

CRÉ Artisanat Morocco

specialized in the conception, design and production of custom-made handicrafts for both individuals and professionals.
Our main activity is currently based on leather goods, we produce leather bags and accessories.

Smiresso Morocco

Nya & Co is a mobile coffee franchise concept for future entrepreneurs who will be trained as professional baristas.

Coliya Morocco

Coliya is a system of logistics digitisation that will allow road transport agencies (truckers/mini-buses) between Morocco and Europe to be more efficient in their activity, but also to allow clients an irreproachable service.

Scalerator 8 is partly made possible by VC4A through the FMO Ventures program. For more information on FMO Ventures, check out the program page. For more information about this cohort and their activities, check the Scalerator 8 page, you can also follow LaStartupStation page for updates on upcoming cohorts.