How to create a venture profile that gets you noticed

As a founder, it is important that you represent your company clearly at all times. Creating a solution to make life easier took a lot of time and effort, it would be a disservice if nobody got a chance to hear about it.

Start creating your venture profile here. 

The VC4A platform is a launchpad to thousands of entrepreneurs who are creating great products, services, and solutions to improve the world around them. Starting with an excellent venture profile will give you the best chance of getting noticed by potential investors and partners whether you’re looking for startup certificates, accelerators, mentors, or external funding.

Find out how to create an attractive profile that will appeal to prospective investors and partners;

1. Make a complete venture profile:

Create a venture profile that features your logo, cover image and an accurate executive summary of your business. If one had only 10 seconds to glance through your venture profile, think about what you would want them to know upfront about your business.

2. Introduce yourself:

Do you have a pitch video? Add this to your venture profile as a great way to introduce yourself and share a mini pitch about your business.

3. Be social:

Investors and partners are thorough. Link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube account to your profile. This is a great way to keep people up to date on your activities and gives them a chance to find out more about your business.

4. Introduce your team:

Your team is the backbone of your business. Fill out the teams section to help people see the strengths of your human capital and how they contribute to the growth of your business.

5. Share progress:

Have you made great progress since starting your business? Make sure you are sharing the latest news and developments in the updates section and the traction tab of your venture profile. Let people know what’s happening and allow them to follow your adventure through both the good times and the bad times…we all have them!

6. Keep documents up to date:

Check out the documents tab on your venture profile. Have you uploaded a pitch deck or any other documentation that helps investors understand what you are working on? Add a copy of your business’ certificate of incorporation or any other evidence that shows you are serious.

7. Announce your fundraising:

Did you start fundraising for your startup? Indicate this update on your venture profile to get featured on the platform and gain more visibility within the investor network on VC4A.

8. Promote your venture profile:

On your venture profile you will see a short URL you can use to promote your newly updated account across the web. Also, you can tweet your venture profile. Leverage these functionalities to get the word out!

I’m ready to update my venture profile.

Congratulations on building a VC4A Venture Profile that stands out! You want to make sure your account tells the latest and most relevant information about your company to attract the right investors or partners to your business.

For more practical tips and recommendations along your startup journey, check out the free courses for entrepreneurs on the VC4A Startup Academy.

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