11 startups participate in first Africa Artificial Intelligence Accelerator cohort

After a rigorous and competitive process, 11 innovation-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups from Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda have been selected to take part in this edition of the ‘Africa AI accelerator program‘, hosted by Ghana Tech Lab in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and IBM.

The selected AI startups will participate in a structured five-month Accelerator program and work closely with technical mentors from IBM and business development consultants, to help build their AI ideas into feasible solutions. These ventures are currently leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their operations to help solve problems ranging from financial freedom, healthcare, transportation, Agriculture, and software development.

The program will combine virtual and physical interface in a form of video meetups and a bootcamp at the latter part of the cohort. These activities are focused on providing participating startups with support to meet clear growth aspirations through measurable targets setting. The Africa AI Accelerator program is geared to be a turning point for AI startups in
Africa, building innovative AI solutions for the development of the continent.

Participating Startups in this cohort include the following:


Aqua Safi helps fish farmers to improve fish productivity for giving the system for check water quality, fish feeding, and getting the best practices in fisheries yield.

Congretype Pty Ltd South Africa

Congretype Pty. Ltd primarily focused on providing societal based solutions in renewable energy, ICT for development, and Climate-Smart Agriculture.

Diagnosify Limited Ghana

Diagnosify (Ghana): AI-powered startup that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose skin diseases, predict the name of the disease, give its severity level, and assign patients to pharmaceutical services or dermatologists.

Chil Ai Lab Group of Companies Uganda

Chil AI uses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to offer Telehealth services, Electronic medical records, E-consultation, automated laboratory results interpretation, E-referral, E-pharmacy services to African women.

DATA SYSTEMS LTD United States of America

Data Systems is a software company that focuses on building software as a service application for the corporate market and edutech.

Global Auto Systems Ltd Uganda Uganda

Global Auto Systems is aiming to revolutionize the health care system in Uganda through using AI and Cloud Computing technologies to improve patient outcomes, while reducing the total cost of care.

Tabiri Analytics Inc Rwanda

Tabiri Analytics is a cybersecurity company that is building the first affordable, comprehensive and automated cyber security-as-a-service solution for enterprises in underserved markets using machine learning.

Wekebere Uganda

Wekebereis a health social enterprise striving to engineer innovative healthcare solutions that give expectant mothers in low-resource settings the healthy lives they deserve.

Xpendly Ghana

Xpendly is a personal finance management app that enables young African Millennials to manage their finances in one place, build alternative credit profiles with their financial activity while accessing tailored financial products that help them save and invest.

Openbanking (South Africa): new secure, safe and revolutionary way for consumers to share financial information allowing them to move, manage and make more money with real-time payments and credits approvals. All done on one platform powered by Trusource.

Kwanso (Ghana): A solution to prevent, track and monitor road traffic accidents by offering passengers, drivers and regulators an App for identifying accident locations and monitoring speed.