Entrepreneurs are key to address major healthcare challenges in Africa

The inaugural ‘Innovate for Life Accelerator’ was a success last year. The program created the opportunity to combine the experience, expertise, and network from Amref staff and their network of international NGO’s with the energy, passion, and prodigy of the selected entrepreneurs. Two of our finalists had the opportunity to integrate their innovative ideas into the work Amref is doing.

For Amref Health Africa, innovation is a way-of-life and opportunity for self-renewal. Since it was founded, 60 years ago, Amref has thrived because of constantly looking for new ways to help the most vulnerable populations in Africa. We believe that by working closely with healthcare entrepreneurs we could improve our current situation. To do so in 2017, Amref Health Africa opened up it’s doors to African healthcare entrepreneurs through the Innovate for Life Fund to learn and co-accelerate innovative home-grown solutions for better health in Africa!

Talent addressing healthcare challenges

In 2017 after running, scouting and selecting the finalists we came to a conclusion that the African continent does not fall short in an innovation and an entrepreneurial talent to address the healthcare challenges. Even more, they could provide the innovative healthcare ideas on a global scale. In order to achieve it, they need a tailored support and suitable investments, as well as the targeted exposure to potential partners and funders.

After evaluating the Innovate For Life Fund 2017, we decided to launch the second year of the accelerator program: Innovate For Life Fund 2018. This time, we have expanded our network of partners and investors in order to enhance our value add for our entrepreneurs.

Looking for post–revenue healthcare startups

For the Innovate for Life 2018 program, we are looking for post –revenue healthcare entrepreneurs with an innovative product or service that is tailored to improve primary health care in Africa. To stimulate home-grown innovation, the Innovate for Life Fund targets entrepreneurs based in Sub Saharan Africa countries with 50% of the founders being from a Sub Saharan Africa country.

We look forward to meeting and supercharging our 2018 cohort!

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