AfriLabs city meetups in Nairobi, Lagos, Dakar, Johannesburg and Cairo

AfriLabs is currently undertaking a series of city meet-ups in 5 countries in different African regions prior to the Annual Gathering slated for 25th-27th October, 2016.

AfriLabs city meetups will be interactive days of networking, sharing ideas and learning more about AfriLabs. It also aims to build co-creation and developing projects that foster collaboration to develop the technology ecosystem in Africa!

The Nairobi meetup took place on the 16th September 2016, Lagos follows on the 19th September 2016, Dakar on 27th September 2016, Johannesburg on the 4th of October 2016 and Cairo on 7th October 2016. AfriLabs city meet-ups are for AfriLabs hub members and non-members alike. If interested, please, register your interest here and we will send you details of location and timing.

“The meetups will feature a Co-Creation Ideation: A brainstorming session where attendees suggest innovative ideas and select a project that can be worked on through collaboration on a regional level. Following the meet-ups, AfriLabs will actively work towards getting existing and new partners on board to support selected project in collaboration with the project team.”

AfriLabs is a Pan-African network of 40 technology innovation hubs in 20 African countries. AfriLabs was founded in 2011 to build a community around the rapidly emerging tech hubs in Africa. Each hub serves as a nexus for entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, tech companies and web/mobile engineers in its community who are set to build the innovation economy across Africa.

AfriLabs is dedicated to supporting African technology hubs by providing financing, mentoring, networking opportunities and other resources for high potential entrepreneurs including start-ups through the hubs

AfriLabs Annual Gathering

The Annual Gathering will provide a unique opportunity for members and other stakeholders to convene, learn the latest hub insights, and build partnerships between and with hubs. It is going be an assemblage of hub managers, start-ups, innovators & local developer communities from over 20 African countries. Other stakeholders will include local, regional and international development agencies, angel investors/venture capitalists and corporate organizations that support the innovation ecosystem in Africa.

“Unlike other technology conferences focused on just big government or telecoms, this gathering will focus on the grassroots innovation ecosystem, their funders, and the local governments. It will provide an opportunity to showcase indigenous innovations, start-ups and help expand the orientation and frontiers of the same.”

For more information about AfriLabs, AfriLabs city meet-ups, and the Annual Gathering, please visit or call +2348149612015. You can also send us an email via or