VC4Africa launches third generation platform, a global community for African startups

VC4Africa is pleased to present to you its third generation website. Read more about the background of the organization and some of the thinking behind the launch of

VC4Africa has one goal: Build a world class startup funding platform to support the rise of Africa’s startup community. The new platform incorporates our most important learnings gained from running, the 2nd generation website. In addition to analyzing platform data from the .biz, our team ran surveys, hosted design sessions, and took in countless discussions with you, our members. The launch of brings all of these inputs together in what is our cleanest and most robust offering to date.

Across the different parts of the website, incorporates countless user enhancements and some important updates with the aim to give our members the most intuitive user experience possible. We also incorporated a number of important technologies that make the platform faster and completely responsive. Our goal with this update is to better enable our members with the tools and services they need to succeed.

At the core to this new update, the only thing that never changes at VC4Africa, is our focus on the entrepreneur.

The foundation of our community is a shared belief that entrepreneurs hold the potential to transform the continent. Entrepreneurship should be the main driver in Africa’s economic growth and development, in particular the innovative enterprises that have potential to scale. These businesses introduce many important products and services while at the same time providing an important source of employment, income and hope for a better future.

Through VC4Africa, entrepreneurs have access to free online tools, mentorship opportunities and private deal rooms. They join a leading network of founders and build global visibility for their companies. Increasingly, VC4Africa works to connect these individuals to the partners, network, knowledge and capital they need to grow their businesses successfully.

See how the website has evolved over the years:

VC4Africa was started in the spring of 2007 and has grown organically into what is now the largest online community dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors building game changing companies across the continent. The VC4Africa community has always been free for anyone to join and the entire network and its content remain open and accessible. VC4Africa can be found on and on social media channels like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

We operate as a peer-to-peer network and champion an open source approach. A core vision behind the project is that VC4Africa is only a platform within a larger social movement. Open communication and collaboration is encouraged and all members are invited to become active participants in both growing and developing the VC4africa project. Every member is expected to contribute in some meaningful way.

Let us know what you think about the new platform in the comments section below!

Your Africa platform for startup funding. VC4A has been working since 2007 to support the rise of Africa’s startup community. VC4Africa brings together a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors in a shared mission to build game changing companies across the African continent. Over the years VC4Africa has worked with its members to introduce many important new initiatives with one goal in mind: bring together a global network of resources to better support the individuals who have the potential to transform and improve the continent. Join the movement and lets change the world!