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Connecting investors
With the VC4Africa Pro Account we make it easier than ever to engage high potential high growth entrepreneurs from across the continent.

VC4Africa invites Angel Investors to engage hot startup founders from across the continent. With a Pro Account you gain exclusive access to business ventures raising capital, receive tailored alerts that match your specific investment criteria, can review venture documents online, and leverage our growing number of tools to cut due diligence costs. At the end of the day, the portal VC4Africa is building saves investors time and makes it easier to service investments from any device. This is core to our mission, offering investors a straight forward opportunity to meet and engage high potential high growth entrepreneurs.

What does VC4Africa give you?

1) Powerful services

VC4Africa delivers a powerful collaboration experience for both investors and entrepreneurs. See which ventures are fundraising, follow the progress of ventures you like, review the terms of each deal, access private documents, co-invest with others, or lead your own deal. Connect with our team as we link up opportunities and join one of the many programs or events we support and engage as a community.

2) Alerts tailored to your investment criteria

Use preference tools to customize your feeds. Follow and receive updates from the ventures that meet your investing criteria. Detailed activity reports make it easy to track the ventures gaining real interest, and lends valuable insights into the deals gearing up to close. Unlimited messaging allows you to contact any entrepreneur directly when you want to find out more.

3) Security

Documents are stored securely on our private server infrastructure. 256-bit encrypted SSL connections, powered by GeoTrust, a global leader in digital certificates, keeps data safe during transmission. Venture work spaces are private and founders have the ability to centrally manage documents and control which files are accessible to investors inside a workspace. Use your account to manage secure communications with founders and fellow investors.

Documents Viewer

4) Simple user interface

Due diligence has never been simpler; investors can dig into specific opportunities and get a clear sense of their traction to date. See if an entrepreneur has graduated from an acceleration program, received previous investments, or who else advises the business. Dig into the pitch deck or financials, or connect directly to the entrepreneur to find out more. VC4Africa’s team is constantly working to improve the user interface and to keep things intuitive and simple; you won’t need a training class or a manual to get started.

5) Accessibility

Use VC4Africa on the go, from your laptop, tablet or mobile devices (Mac/PC, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone). Stay up to speed on the latest developments through the investor dashboard, and receive tailored investor reports and alerts that match your specific criteria. If you need timely support, the VC4Africa team is here to help.

6) Proven track record

Thousands of vetted profiles have been published and new fundraising rounds are opened weekly. Entrepreneurs have raised more than a USD 27 million in funding and joint ventures. Investments have been secured by members in countries as diverse as Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt, the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Zambia.

Ready to join the VC4Africa community? Connect with our team for more information or get started today and join our active network of investors.