VC4Africa announces new partnership: The Inclusive Business Accelerator

Inclusive Business Accelerator
VC4Africa has formed a partnership with the BoP Innovation Center and international development organisation SNV to support entrepreneurs who are setting up companies in Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The ‘Inclusive Business Accelerator’ is the first one-stop-shop for inclusive business services, via a global network, local offices and an online platform. Have a look at the platform and become a member!

The term ‘inclusive business’ is used to describe companies that are providing goods, services, and livelihoods on a commercially viable basis to low-income communities. And they are ‘including’ people who are looking for basic goods and services in the value chain and they will benefit on both sides; as consumer and as employee, distributor or retailer.

IB Accelerator Online

VC4Africa is responsible for the IB Accelerator Online platform where entrepreneurs, impact investors, business mentors, NGOs and governments can connect. The platform will allow entrepreneurs to showcase themselves and to find investors, to gain business knowledge and advice. At the same time the IB Accelerator platform will support impact investors to be introduced to high-quality investment opportunities.

At VC4Africa we are always looking at ways to link members and resources. As a result of this collaboration, it is now possible to offer dedicated support to members actively building inclusive businesses. Besides looking at a larger geographical area, the ‘inclusive business’ focus of the companies is more specifically focused on low-income consumers.

The support on the IB Accelerator platform will mainly be focused on companies that are at the stage of scaling, but who need assistance to be able to do so. By offering peer-to-peer mentorship via the platform as well as dedicated online bootcamps we will fill the need of entrepreneurs to get access to the right tools and knowledge.

Inclusive Business Accelerator homepage

Global network

The BoP Innovation Center is building the IBA Global network, creating market intelligence and strategic scoping activities. The aim is to build impact coalitions and improve the enabling environment to mainstream inclusive business. SNV manages the IBA Local component of this initiative. Local IBA offices will be launched in Mozambique (Maputo, Nov. 6), Vietnam (Hanoi, Nov. 26) and Uganda. Currently studies are being conducted to find out which other countries could be added in a later stage.

The official international launch of the Inclusive Business Accelerator took place on 28 October 2014, as part of a larger event held at FMO, the Dutch development bank. The Inclusive Business Accelerator receives co-funding support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Netherlands.

Have a look at the platform and become a member! Visit the Inclusive Business Accelerator website at!

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