VC4Africa introduces VC4A Talent, a free recruitment service for African startups


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new recruitment function for ventures listed on VC4Africa, the first steps in creating a one-stop shop where startups can search for qualified talent, and where skilled experts and others can seek out the best new companies.

Building a great company is hard to do. To successfully take a concept to market you have to create outstanding products and services. And although we might be called Venture Capital for Africa, we know entrepreneurs need a lot more than just cash. Building a great company requires access to the right network, expertise and knowledge along the way. It also means you have a great team in place to execute the vision. Simply put, entrepreneurs who operate alone have little chance of survival.

“Treat recruiting as life or death for your company because it is. Building an exceptional team is the most important thing you can do as a young leader. If you’re great at it, you will likely succeed. If not, you will likely fail.”
— Craig Driscoll, Highland Capital Partners

True to the VC4Africa mission, we seek to disrupt the marketplace by putting the entrepreneur in control. It’s the direct peer-to-peer approach we take to our mentorship and fundraising programs, that we now apply to entrepreneurs seeking to build great teams. With the new tools we look to cut the recruiters out of the hiring process and make connections directly between startups and the talent needed to drive their development.

See some examples of ventures currently seeking talent:




Are you an entrepreneur looking to build a great team?

Don’t waste any time and get your venture profile registered on VC4Africa. Once online, you will see a recruitment widget in the right hand column. Here you can enter in the details for open positions at your company. These job openings are being aggregated and now an overview is available via VC4Africa search functions. Individuals interested in your company and the position are able to contact you directly and you can take the discussions from there. What is nice about VC4Africa is that the community is focused resulting in quality leads.

Are you a sales expert or guru developer looking for the next big challenge?

VC4Africa has the largest database of early stage companies from across Africa. As a member of the community you have the ability to search the ventures with current openings. You can read up on the business and if you find it interesting you can contact the team directly.See an overview of companies currently hiring on VC4Africa.

VC4Africa is constantly working to find new ways we can best serve the needs of our entrepreneurs. We are always looking for feedback and invite you to leave a comment, thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below.