Crowdsourcing a venture capital movement across Africa, VC4Africa celebrates new community milestones

Together we are working to build a robust ecosystem and support network for Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs. A place where people can come together to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. A place where we can celebrate our successes and work together to tackle the challenges we face moving forward. We thank you for your membership and we want you to know that we are working hard to improve our services each and every day. Why? Because you deserve the best networking platform on the planet.

Some new milestones for our community

– first 1,000,000 page views served
– we are now 10,000 members strong and growing
– 1,000 ventures registered and counting

Here is a brief timeline of events:

– November 2006 – A conversation at the AVCA meeting in Senegal
– June 2008 – Opened the African Venture Capital and Private Equity group on Linkedin
– May 2009 – Launched the Ning platform
– June 2009 – First meetup was hosted in Kampala, Uganda
– November 2010 – Soft launched the community platform
– September 2011 – Said goodbye to
– January 2012 – First deal closed
– May 2012 – Launched the VC4A Investor Network
– September 2012 – Launch of the beta mentorship program
– February 2013 – New homepage and site upgrade

… and there is so much more to come

At VC4Africa our mission is to support the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs and to connect them with the resources (network, knowledge and capital) they require to realize their potential. Launching the VC4Africa investor network in May of 2012, entrepreneurs with venture profiles listed on VC4Africa now have exclusive access to the continent’s largest and most dedicated network of Africa focused investors actually interested in early stage companies. For an overview of everything VC4Africa has to offer today, see VC4Africa’s Welcome Page.

VC4Africa is a project that has grown organically over time and because a collection of people wanted to address a real need. The simple idea that by combining our network, knowledge and capital we could do more to support Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs.

Help us celebrate: leave a comment!

Building on the idea that we are only as strong as our ability to work together. Leave a comment, and tell us why the community inspires you!

Why did you join VC4Africa? How does the community inspire you? Focusing on the connections behind the milestones: what connections have you made through VC4Africa, and what connections do you want to make this year? What do you hope we achieve moving forward? How can you contribute to more success? Share your thoughts with fellow members and leave a message in the comments section below.