VC4A entrepreneur unstoppable, Software testing facility opens in Somaliland

We have written about our friend Hhasan before. You might recall his vision to train the world’s best software testers in Somaliland. He has been busy since we last spoke to him. He has since closed a joint venture partnership with RLabs, secured seed funding from Indigo Trust, and now opens his doors to welcome his first class of students. Indeed, the vision that was Extended Bits is now up and running. We contacted Hhasan to find out more.

You have returned to your country, can you tell us why?

“I went back to my home country to setup an IT training center. Doburo Training Center is set up to give the young adults of Borama city the opportunity of get a high level of IT training and software testing center.”

Can you tell us where you are with the development of the venture to date?

“The first phase of the project has been implemented, the training center now up and running. The second phase of the project is the training and certification of dedicated employees of Extendedbits. We are now training these employees and aim to get international certification in the fields of IT. When the staff have been brought to international standards, they will be asked to fulfill paying assignment from the local companies and entities from government, non profit and commercial sector. We also look to build our international portfolio (including organizations like VC4Africa and the 1%Club) and offer our services to organizations in Europe.”











What does this center mean for the youth?

“A place of hope and knowledge for the local people of Borama. With the help of our friends, we will try to connect Somaliland to the rest of the world by participating in international events. Our wish is to work together with all interested parties around the world. Without cooperation, it will take us long time to reach our goals. For us it is to be part of the world.”

What are the services you look to offer and for whom?

“”In Somaliland employment is the biggest problem. Most of the graduates are leaving the country to build a future abroad. IT Training and certification for the local youth and adults is what the training center will provide. We are trying also to deliver IT services and products to the local market. Software testing is one example. In the near future, we hope that we will be able to deliver world class products and services. To achieve this, we need to train and coach qualified IT graduates.”

Can you highlight the major milestones since landing on the ground?

“Finding the office was a biggest milestone. The center is located in the center of the city. It is very difficult to find such a location. Finding well educated and motivated local staff was my second milestone. Last but not least, coming back to my wife and kids who have been living here in the country.”

What do you need and how can members support you?

“Organizing a training for 20 graduates is our next step. We could use help in the field of training and marketing of our services. Marketing our products will help us to hire more employees.”

Entrepreneurs like Hhasan is why the VC4Africa community exists. People who have ideas that can improve their communities and afford people increased opportunity. If you would like to get involved or support Hhasan in some way, please contact Hhasan directly or feel free to send me an e-mail at