I am ready to Launch at DEMO Africa, how do I apply?

Choosing the right platform to make your product’s first major public appearance is critical. DEMO Africa sets itself apart from all other launch options. DEMO’s track record of success, scholarship opportunities, turnkey services and exposure to the entire tech ecosystem of VCs, investors, IT buyers and the global IT press make DEMO the premier launch option. Read more about what it means to launch at DEMO.

To be eligible to launch on the DEMO Africa stage your product must:
» Solve a commercial problem
» Make an impact or change the marketplace into which it is introduced or create a new market
» Have a business plan and a management team capable of delivering the product to market
» Make its public debut at the DEMO conference
Products that are not eligible include:
» Products that are highly publicized 
» Upgrades to an existing product
» Products entering an already saturated market category with little market differentiation
» Products that have been widely covered by technology and business media
If you think you are ready for the big stage, to register your venture for DEMO Africa is easy. If you don’t have a user account already, you can create one in just a few seconds. Once you are logged in to your account, you can proceed to the application form where you can fill in your venture details.

As part of your application, you will need to think about which 2 categories are the most relevant for you:
– Cloud
– Mobile
– Social
– Consumer
– Enterprise
The competition is going to be fierce. For some inspiration, take a look at Maliyo Games as an example of a venture currently registered for DEMO Africa. We look forward to showcasing the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs!