Find top talent and recruit your team with VC4Africa’s new tool

At VC4Africa we see a lot of ventures, talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and read many business plans. We know that putting together a solid team and building an outstanding advisory board is hard to do. At the same time, the success of every venture depends on its ability to bring together the right people. VC4Africa is pleased to announce the launch of its recruitment service. 

It is no secret finding top quality talent is hard to do. We know of ventures that have had to set up their back office in London, CapeTown, Accra or Nairobi just to get closer to the quality talent. At VC4Africa we want to make the task of building an all star team as easy as possible.

Here are a few reasons to take a look at this new feature:

Leverage existing contacts – You already have a venture profile, you already maintain a following and network of investors, so why not let them know what you are looking for in terms of talent? You never know how connections are made and many times the best way to fill a key position is on referral.

Service is free of charge – There are job boards and recruiters you can pay to help you through the job search. However, the results are often mixed. They also ask payment upfront or take a heavy success fee. The harder the position is to fill the more you are going to have to pay. The recruiting widget on VC4Africa is a free service so its worth trying. Opportunity cost = 2 minutes!

Tap into high quality prospects – What better place is there to recruit talent than from a network of fellow founders, entrepreneurs, developers and investors? VC4Africa has members in 159 countries and from a diverse background. But in comparison to a platform like Linkedin, the community is far more focused and rich with talent. Why not invite a developer to join your team after they have worked on a similar concept?

A quick tip – Investors want to know who is on your team and in your advisory. Some investors even argue that the due diligence process starts and stops with the quality of the team. They reason that if your crazy idea is powerful enough to attract top talent then there must be a good reason, right? Keep your venture profile updated and let people know what kind of progress you are making. This is just the kind of signaling you need to bring others on board. And with a good team you are in a much better position to secure outside backing.

Bottom line, at VC4Africa we don’t think building a great company is only about finance. Rather, your venture profile is your online business card you need to get things done. These are financial and non-financial steps you have to take in growing your concept and the recruitment widget is yet another feature we offer in our efforts to help you along the way.