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VC4A Q&A is a  collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by the VC4A community. Currently there are 103 published threads that have generated 177 answers from across the VC4A community.

One of the cool things about VC4A Questions & Answers is the reputation function that is linked directly to member profiles. The system tracks who posted a question, who responded, how many responses were recorded and whether or not the questions and answers were valued by the VC4A community. This feedback is part of a reputation the user builds via the system. This helps other users appreciate the quality and level of a user’s contributions and serves to recognize the members who contribute the most and are otherwise experts on certain subjects or specific fields of interest.

We are pleased to highlight the first four members to reach reputation scores over 100. We would like to thank them for their valuable input, time and knowledge they so willingly share with the entire VC4Africa community.

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Reputation 455
Roland Alden
Member for: 1322 days
20 Answers

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Reputation 235
David Amakobe
Member for: 759 days
8 Questions
12 Answers

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Reputation: 170
Rachel Zedeck
Member for: 1003 days
9 Questions
6 Answers

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Reputation 115
Shaun Lindbergh
Member for: 468 days
6 Questions
17 Answers

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