Discover the entrepreneurial spirit of Liberia – Investor’s Guide

Letter from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President, Republic of Liberia, June 2011

Welcome to Liberia! 

One of the most admirable qualities of entrepreneurs is their ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles. This spirit is well suited to Liberia. While many people are familiar only with the difficulties of our recent past, those who look closely will find a country with great investment potential and a vast resource base to fit all portfolios.

Liberia is a peaceful, stable, and vibrant democracy with a history of international trade and business that dates back to the 1600s. We are rich in natural resources, and strong in our resolve to put them to productive use. In the last five years, we concluded concession agreements worth approximately USD 16 billion, and according to the World Bank, have earned the reputation as one of the world’s top reformers. Now, with the prospect of oil and natural gas within our territorial waters, our future looks even brighter.

Since assuming office in 2006, my administration, with strong support from the Liberian people and the international community, has remained committed to our vision of a secure and transparent nation where economic growth flourishes. We have partnered with domestic and foreign investors of all sizes, who understand our need to build upon our strategic geographic position, vast opportunities, growing economy and low-cost labor force, to bring growth and development to our people.

I invite you to join us and invest in Liberia. You will find a nation filled with great opportunities, a nation where your investments will grow and succeed.

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