Nairobi bootcamp ignites startup investments in 48 hrs @IPO48 Nairobi

The second IPO48 in Nairobi saw an increase in everything: startups submitted to our platform, participants and onsite mentors and last, but not least – investment winners.

The main investment of 25 000 € went to Tusqee Systems. But the investors of a brand new investment company 88mph decided to make not one, but two additional investments into 6ix Degrees and Ghafla! The fact that we keep getting such positive feedback from all of the participants is an indicator that we are on the right track.

“I wish we could have more IPO48 events to share knowledge,” said the Tusqee Systems. “We learned more in 2 days @IPO48 Nairobi than we would’ve in 6 months at university,” claimed the 6ix Degrees.

“The standard of competition this year was overwhelming. All the business proposals seemed viable and potentially profitable, the other teams really kept us on our toes and inspired us to work much harder! The working environment was stressful, but positive, the iHub was a good choice of venue. We’ve already made partnerships with some of the competitors, I hope that we can extend the life of the event and all succeed together,” informed Ghafla!