A video pitch on Njorku.com, making job search in Africa possible

Today Churchill Nanje Mambe, the founder of Njorku.com, uploaded one of the first video pitches from Cameroon. Njorku is a job search engine for Africans world wide, otherwise a platform that aggregates and provides search and browse functionality for jobs from across the continent. In the short term there is a focus on Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa.

Loy Okezie recently writes on TechLoy, ‘One of the key highlights of the 9ideas Conference held over the weekend in Douala, Cameroon was the demoing of the ‘Elephant project.’ He goes on to explain, ‘Njorku is a jobs search engine that crawls the web (especially job sites) to find jobs based on keyword searches in any African country and makes them available to users.’

This video pitch is great because it gives a personal introduction into Churchill as an entrepreneur and a nice background on his project. While we are in Cameroon we will be working to film more pitches like this and integrate them into the venture profiles on VC4Africa.biz. We hope that entrepreneurs in Buea and Douala will inspire entrepreneurs from across the VC4A network to do the same. When the distance between people is sometimes countries or even oceans video pitches like this can go a long way in breaking the ice.