Venture profile:

Every month the VC4Africa team places a new venture in the spotlights. Now we will meet Peter Kawumi who is setting up

Can you please describe your business idea?

“ is a web-based service connecting sellers to buyers across a cross-section of retail and industry sectors in Uganda. The origin of my venture was from a lunchtime conversation with a friend who was looking for a flat to rent, but was getting frustrated by middlemen who seemed not to understand what he was looking for. Having spent nearly ten years living in the United Kingdom, I simply couldn’t understand why there was no easily accessible way to get this sort of information. I then carried out some very informal research, that quickly showed that many people in the Ugandan community faced the same problem in looking for houses, cars, jobs, etcetera. Occasionally working with a few friends and family, I then started putting some ideas together – ideas that have since developed into the online platform.”

Why is your idea unique?

“I’m setting up the website because, as discussed in the Appfrica 2008 conference, great startup opportunities exist in the content provision, web-based services and advertising sectors in Uganda. There is an increased understanding of the necessity of, and expenditure by local-based companies on branding and advertising campaigns. Also, people have an increasing lack of confidence in middlemen, coupled with an increase in the do-it-yourself attitude within the local community

The venture aims to plug the gap between advertisers and content seekers and is the first of its kind within the East African region. This will help to empower the different stakeholders by allowing fast delivery of information through an alternative source.

Additionally, the website will be free to access (for both content providers and seekers), with revenues made solely through banner advertising and other advertising-related activities.”

What are the key milestones achieved to date?

“The website is a product from Hi-Motion Technologies which is solely owned by me. The layout, page flow and administrative backend, business directory and property modules have been developed. The domain was purchased, and the site can now be accessed at
I have informally approached 3 major brands in the telecom, beverages and public sector that, through their brand custodians, have shown a firm interest in advertising on the site. The next milestone to achieve is the website/brand activation, with the development of the other modules thereafter.”

Who is your target audience?

“Being an online product, will initially be targeted to the employed (0-15 years in employment) and college students. I hope that will enable them to find their needs in an efficient manner. From an advertiser perspective, will target both international and local brands, and aims to embark on the marketing campaign soon.”

What are your plans to make your venture to reach the number one rank on the VC4Africa website?

“Collaboration and communication with the VC4A community will be key to achieving this goal. Similarly, continued work on the project, with provision of updates.”

How will you use VC4Africa in the future?

“My primary interest in joining VC4A was to share ideas and promote entrepreneurship in Uganda and Africa in general. As such, I intend to make and keep friends from the community, work with them to extend the network of business partnerships I currently have and continue the learning experience of the dynamics of my passion – doing business in Africa. Finding investors for and future ventures would be a bonus, and l will work hard to do so.”

How can members contact you?

“All members can contact me at pkawumi at, +256 789830429, Facebook/LinkedIn; Peter Kawumi. I encourage all members to also register onto the website