Join us at the next VC4Africa meetup!

The new year is getting off to a great start and the VC4Africa community is growing faster than ever. Clearly it’s time to do business on the continent and connect with promising entrepreneurs! If you haven’t already, join the community at and check out our entrepreneurs at

After successful meetups in Virginia and Senegal, we are gearing up for meetups in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Cameroon! As with all VC4Africa Meetups, the event will simply be a place for members to meet one another and share thoughts and ideas. No speeches, no agenda, nothing planned. The loose structure allows for lots of networking. Just remember, everyone is expected to pay for their own drinks : )

VC4Africa Meetup – Santa Monica, March 3rd 2011

VC4Africa Meetup – Stockholm, March 16th 2011

VC4Africa Meetup – Douala, May 6th 2011

Let us know if you will attend and If you want to help out please add your name to the list and help spread the word! And are you interested in bringing together investors and entrepreneurs in your own area? Contact and organize your very own VC4Africa meetup!

the VC4Africa Team!!