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The second annual Unreasonable Institute will unite 25 exceptional, young entrepreneurs for 8 weeks in the summer of 2011 in the beautiful, entrepreneurial city of Boulder, Colorado (ranked as 2008′s most intelligent city in the United States by Forbes). During that time, they’ll live under the same roof alongside the world’s leading experts and thought leaders and together work relentlessly toward one objective: defining progress in our time. They’ll work and live with 60 world-class mentors, pitch their ventures to investors in up to 5 U.S. cities, and prepare to launch financially self-sustaining, globally scalable ventures that can serve the needs of at least one million people. At the Institute our goal is to put the right pieces in place to ensure their ventures take flight.

The First 5 Weeks: Accelerating Your Venture (June 9 – July 14)

* Skill Development: Based on weekly targets established by top investment funds and professors, Unreasonable Fellows hone their skills to communicate, create, analyze, problem solve and execute using the most innovative tactics. Each week Unreasonable Entrepreneurs will be exposed to intensive workshops led by an Entrepreneur in Residence, a Professor in Residence, over 60 expert mentors, and world class consultants in design, law, business, and presentation. These intensive sessions will focus on entrepreneurial, personal, and business development. Imagine up to 25 high-impact, brilliant entrepreneurs from around the world brainstorming, constructively criticizing, building, strategizing, and perfecting their business models, pitches, and ability to scale internationally together. See all that Unreasonable Fellows get here!

* Designing the business: At the 5 week mark each Fellow will have concretized their venutre into a thorough, executable, and strategic business founded on metrics of social and environmental impact, financial viability, global scalability, and an ability to reach at least 1,000,000 people. Each Fellow will have the experience, the skills, and the business model and execution plan needed to confidently stand in front of world class audiences of investors and supporters and convince them that they warrant the resources (human, financial, technical) needed to take their ventures to scale.

* Mentoring: The crux of our model is mentorship. We physically bring 60 world-class mentors to the Unreasonable Institute to work with our entrepreneurs in achieving key milestones and in accelerating their ventures. These mentors are experts in the fields of large scale business, entrepreneurship, engineering, design, innovation, international development, media, poverty alleviation, investment, and the civil sector. Some of them may serve on boards, others may invest, but all are committed to guiding Unreasonable Fellows in achieving Unreasonable Impact.

The Last 3 Weeks: Execution, Outreach & Exposure (July 14 – August 4)

* Execution, Outreach and Exposure: After 5 weeks of intensive mentor-driven acceleration, the Unreasonable Fellows will have the chance to put all they’ve learned and achieved to the test. The top 5 Fellows will be selected to pitch their ventures at a private investor’s pitch fest in the entreprneurial epicenter of San Francisco, CA. Immediately afterward, all 25 Fellows will travel to the United States’ major hubs for social innovation and entrepreneurship: Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Boulder. In each city, they will present to and meet with hundreds of top impact investors, local entrepreneurs, world class thought leaders and potential supporters. In total, Unreasonable Fellows will have the chance to gain unprecedented exposure and opportunities to obtain crucial startup funds and top notch support in as many as 5 cities across the United States. It is this level of exposure to world class individuals and investors that will utlimately set Unreasonable Fellows on a trajectory of success.

Applications are Open:

Applications will close December 15th, 2010. Click on the buttons on the upper-right side of this page to learn about the full application process, the costs of the Institute, your eligibility, how to become a competitive applicant and to read the frequently asked questions!