Business Model for VC4Africa

VC4Africa aims to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the network, experience and capital needed to grow and scale their business. In the interest to support successful connections we do not want to stand in the way of your business deal. Too often matchmaking platforms ask for a fee before you even know what the community is about. We hate this. In fact, we don’t want to structure anything, we don’t want to advise you on how to design your partnership and we don’t want to manage any part of the process. We are a matchmaking platform dedicated to making valuable connections. We reduce costs by helping facilitate the due diligence process online. We help good ideas find good partners. And if we add this value we assume you are happy to pay us a fee after the fact. We ask for a 3% fee if a deal is closed because of our website (practically speaking 1.5% from the investor and 1.5% from the entrepreneur). The money we receive from successful matches is invested back into the community and in our drive to help facilitate new matches.