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Entrepreneurs on VC4A can list their startup, find mentors and raise capital. Connect with an international pool of experts who offer advise free of charge. Track your fundraising progress and connect with more than 2,000 investors focused on early stage companies – Angels, VCs, Social Impact Funds, Family Offices, and Foundations. Our services to entrepreneurs are free of charge: No hidden fees!

Why join VC4A?

  • Create an appealing profile that captures the attention of prospective investors and partners.

  • Get featured on our homepage, social media channels, or in our next newsletter.

  • Grow a dedicated following by engaging members on your VC4A startup profile.

  • Add your pitch and video, upload fundraising documents and list team members.

  • Be seen by our network of more than 2.000 early stage investors – focused on startups in developing countries.

  • Research shows that 84% of these investors have already invested.

  • Gain access to our partner network of support organisations.

  • Be the first to hear about upcoming programs relevant to you.

  • Apply to upcoming programs and funding opportunities in your region.

  • Access a wide-range of learning topics to start, grow and finance your startup

  • Learn from investors and industry experts in the startup ecosystem

  • Get a certificate when you successfully complete one of the courses

  • Building a network of advisors and getting access to the right knowledge is critical to your business.

  • Get help in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, finance, human resources or legal matters.

  • Mentors can vouch for you during fundraising efforts and can be contacted directly by prospective investors.

  • Thousands of vetted profiles have been published and new fundraising rounds are opened weekly.

  • Our research show that entrepreneurs in the VC4A network have raised more than USD $268 million in funding.

  • Investments have been secured by members from across the continent and in the diaspora.

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