Explorer Training

Connect with your future and create your entrepreneurship

Explorer Training | Spanish! Connect with your future, launch an MVP or simple version of your project, and be part of the solution to the problems listed in the 2030 SDGs.

Explorer helps you validate your idea and turn it into a sustainable business. For 12 weeks, you will transform your project into a solution that contributes to achieving the 2030 SDGs. Explorer is designed to become an active part of the change through the implementation of economically sustainable projects.

Explorer is a completely online program in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay, and semi-presential in Spain. You can participate alone or in a team.

At the end of the program, a cohort of selected teams will travel to a European innovation hub to continue the development of their projects during an intensive week of training and networking.

If you have any type of information accessibility problem, contact us at the email contacto@explorerbyx.org, and the Explorer team will help you with what you need.

Program details

  • Enrollment date: 17 May to 11 August
  • Program start date: September 26 to December 18
  • Countries that can participate: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico and Portugal
  • Dedication: 8-10 hours weekly for 12 weeks
  • Cost: Free, funded by Santander Universities
  • Format: Semi-face-to-face or 100% online based on the center


  • Certificate of participation for projects that complete the program activities.
  • Explorer Trip: a week-long trip in May 2023 to an important startup hub in Valencia (Spain). It will be an intensive immersion and training experience for the Explorer Fellows cohort, selected by the Spanish Explorer centers and the participating universities and centers of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.
  • Community: access to a global community of young innovators growing edition after edition with the incorporation of American and European Explorer Spaces and facilitating networking among participants from around the world.


August 11, 2022
Organizer Banco Santander Brasil
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Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Portugal, Spain
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