Innovation Exchange Program

Build Something Massive



AXA Mansard wants to build an ecosystem of partners that create value across the insurance value chain. We want to help ventures build insurance focused solutions, commercialize, and scale those solutions.


  • We will connect you with the internal resources to build out your ideas or insurance solutions.
  • Incubation for the innovation (e.g., API access, expertise, mentorship etc).
  • If you successfully create value adding products or services, we will become a paying client.
  • Access to Industry wide scaling and commercialization support.


Innovators or builders with ideas that can scale in the insurance sector:

  • Founders
  • Enterprises
  • If you have ideas


What is ‘insurance value chain’?

The combination of processes that culminate in delivering insurance products to end users/customers in a way that all involved partners capture benefits. Broadly we categorize these processes into:

  • Distribution
  • Claims Management
  • Technical/underwriting Management
  • Customer Management
  • Payments

What are the Technologies of interest?

Technology drives innovation and precipitates disruption, we will prioritize innovation based the underlying technology and our view of its capacity to disrupt the insurance industry. Your tech may be driven by any of the following or more:

  • Applied AI (including Robotics)
  • Connectivity (IOT)
  • Social Tech
  • Blockchain
  • Low Code/No Code (e.g., USSD, QR Code)
  • Big Data, Mobile etc?

What should your pitch include?

A single zipped file that includes:

  • A short 3-minute video file introducing your team
  • A pitch deck that describes your idea or solution, including details such as:
  • A clear description of the problem you are trying to solve
  • How you intend to solve the problem
  • The underlying tech
  • The Development phase (idea, fully developed, in development etc.) and some support

Can I submit my pitch deck via email?

Yes. You can send an email with your pitch deck to


Closes January 31, 2023
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