Aurora Impact Pre-Accelerator

From idea to execution

This four-month long programme aims to empower and mentor entrepreneurs-to-be to start their business. To do so, Aurora facilitates these entrepreneurs with a working space, interactive teaching sessions, a creative environment, mentorship, a place to network, and other things that will help them grow and work towards their business ideas and goals. The programme has no cost for the entrepreneurs, and Aurora does not take fees or equity in the start-ups. All we ask from the entrepreneurs is a dedication to their business idea and the program. Furthermore, established entrepreneurs, both Sierra Leonean as well as international, will be involved in the programme to talk about their entrepreneurial journey and share their life lessons.

The first Cohort started in February 2020. After going through a long list of applicants and interviewing the shortlist, seven start-ups were chosen to be part of the first Cohort. They should have finished their programme at the end of May, but due to COVID the official programme had to pause and is expected resume in August 2020. The second cohort aims to start in November 2020 (dates subject to change due to COVID-19).

For the next cohort, Aurora looks for people who want to:

  • Learn with and from others
  • Develop entrepreneurial behaviours, skills and attributes
  • Learn through action-based tools, complemented by theory

What does Aurora offer?

  • Co-working space on weekdays including internet and computer
  • Professional training sessions on entrepreneurship and other relevant topics
  • A mentor
  • A network consisting of different professionals

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • To be an entrepreneur with a strong vision
  • To be in the early stages of starting your own business
  • To have an idea you are super excited about!
  • To attend all sessions in person
  • To complete and submit the program’s application


September 29, 2020
Program dates Nov 1, 2020 - Mar 12, 2021
Organizer Aurora Foundation
Website Visit website
Targets Sierra Leone
Sectors Sector agnostic