Alimenta la Solidaridad

Non-governmental Organization



In 2016, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela worsened, particularly affecting low-income families and significantly increasing child malnutrition. This situation causes the most vulnerable children to lack the food needed for adequate growth, which affects their cognitive development and puts their lives at risk.


Alimenta La Solidaridad is an organization that develops sustainable solutions to the food security challenges of Venezuelan families. We promote community organization and volunteer work as a way to provide daily lunches to children at risk or with nutritional deficiency as a result of the complex humanitarian crisis.

Our work

Our organization works thanks to the active participation of volunteer mothers and fathers, who are the real leaders. They share their home to provide spaces for community dining rooms, cook, organize children, clean and perform daily operations of community dining rooms. This co-responsibility model is based on empowerment and responsibility at all stages of the process, strengthening the social fabric and organizational capital of the communities.


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Location Venezuela
Targets Venezuela
Sectors Diversified services
SDG (3)
1. No Poverty, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 2. Zero Hunger