Wellbeing and Growth Mindsets

A 2 day program for entrepreneurs leading impact-driven teams.

Are you an entrepreneur striving to make a positive societal impact?

If your answer is yes, this program is designed for you. “Wellbeing and Growth Mindsets” is a 2 day program that Ahead of the Curve has built in collaboration with Oxfam Novib and Work in Progress Alliance for entrepreneurs leading impact-driven teams.

The purpose of this training is to give change makers the chance to start a conversation about well being and rethink their goals and the change they aspire to see in their personal and professional settings.

The program will introduce you to concepts and tools to explore and enhance:

  • Your personality strengths.
  • Your values and how they impact your personal and professional decisions.
  • Finding balance between personal and professional aspects of your life.
  • Maintaining a healthy mindset and thought process, and dealing with negative emotions.

Meet our facilitator

Menna Nashaat:

Menna is a Positive Psychologist, Wellness Coach. Therapist and Mental Wellbeing Researcher. Working on chronic illnesses wellbeing, especially Type 1 Diabetics. Holding an MA. of Positive Psychology Degree from University of East London, MSc. In Psychology from Liverpool John Mores University.


December 11, 2021
Program dates Dec 11 - Dec 12, 2021
Organizer Ahead of the Curve
Targets Egypt
Sectors Sector agnostic