Straightening Challenge 2023

Calling out startups and engineers to innovate the automotive industry!

The program is aimed at start-ups and experienced engineers to bring new technology to market-readiness in 2-5 years and integrate it into mass production.

Call for startups, from a leader of automotive parts manufacturing, who launches its Straightening Challenge. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to achieve a cleaner world is everyone’s business. More than a one-time initiative, it is a state of mind that we are committed to developing and sustaining among our employees, but also in the way we operate our business, every day.

Since every gesture counts, each of your ideas can help us make a difference. Have you already implemented actions that could be replicated or do you have ideas to test? Help us identify actions and solutions to speed up the way we can reduce our carbon footprint.

You can submit your idea or interact with those of your colleagues in a few clicks. Several categories will guide and inspire you.

These categories are open to participants:

  • Extrusion Profiles (1-D)
  • Metal Sheets (2-D)
  • Straightening of complex assemblies (3-D)

We value your opinion

You can check out your colleagues’ ideas for inspiration or simply give your opinion.

Like the most promising ideas to put them forward. Add comments to enrich and improve them and earn points to move to the top of the leaderboard.

The most popular ideas will be presented to the steering committee which will decide on their future implementation!

Winners can take advantage of being presented to top management, in addition to cash prizes, there is a chance to further develop the new technology with the company and implement it in series production after the challenge.


May 5, 2023
Program dates Mar 3 - May 5, 2023
Organizer Agorize
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Africa, Americas, Antarctica Region, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Micronesia
Sectors Automotive