A new Generation of Leaders


Adapt your business to new challenges

Africangels is stepping up its action against Covid-19 by helping companies adapt to the new economic context. He supports business leaders who want to transform their model, give them more impact, or strengthen their positions and create new business opportunities through his Business Club.

Invest and invest

Africangels brings together business angels looking for investment opportunities

Africangels BA is the 1st African network of business angels. It brings together investors concerned with the choice of their investment and motivated by an entrepreneurial adventure and easy and broad access to original files.

Investors can group together in a holding company dedicated to each company. Throughout their fundraising, Africangels BA supports entrepreneurs.

In return for an equity investment, entrepreneurs raise capital and/or benefit from a contribution to the industry.


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Location Dakar, Senegal
Targets Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal
Sectors Sector agnostic