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Established by LarrainVial in 2005, one of the most prestigious financial institutions in Latin America, Activa SpA (“Activa”) is one of Latin-America’s largest and most diversified private equity firms.
Partnering with superior management teams and retaining industry specific knowledge are the key factors of our business. In that sense, Activa’s main asset is the existing partnerships in GPs structures, which combines deep local industry understanding and global vision that relies on a top-flight management team.
Activa, through its team of in-house professionals, specializes in providing both financial resources and operational expertise to help transform undervalued and underperforming companies and assets into long-term success and value creation in each of our investment vehicles.
The firm’s strategy combines deep industry expertise and local market experience; the flexibility to support all stages of company development; a long-term investment horizon; and fully aligned interests among our portfolio company management, limited partners and general partners.
Currently, Activa’s portfolio comprises US$1000+ million capital commitments in six active investment platforms and 44 funds or investment vehicles across a range of industries, geographies, asset classes and investment strategies. These vehicles hold controlling interests in almost all their investments.


How Do WeCreate Value

Activa’s development strategy is based on creating alliances or partnerships for handling business and legal vehicles created for such purposes. All this structure is concentrated on a team of dedicated professionals. In that context, investment options have been generated in all environments. We have associations with highly experienced excellent teams of professionals. In practice, we have strengthened the performance of our associates as a whole, generating a large diversity of investment in alternative assets for investors.

  • Value creation process
  • Strong strategic alliances
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry, strategy, organizational and operational
  • Extensive network of contacts
  • Alignment of interests
  • Attract and retain talent


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