Abuja Investment Company

Incorporated in 1994, Abuja Investments Company Limited is 100% owned by the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) and serves as the flagship investment and holding company for the FCT.

Over the years the company has transformed from being a government funded and controlled entity into a fully independent, self-funded, commercially viable company operating under proper corporate governance principles and guidelines.

AICL has thus grown to become a world class investment firm, fostering profitable global business partnerships. Utilizing the best international practices and leveraging on local knowledge, AICL offers clients bespoke investment opportunities and professional financial advice.

AICL is always on the lookout for local investment opportunities while also seeking out openings in international markets. The company maintains a diversified, balanced portfolio thereby guaranteeing the delivery of both short and long term value to our stakeholders.

Utilizing a strategy which involves regular operational and structural review and staff capacity to enhance optimized efficiency, research to stay ahead of the curve, corporate governance in line with best practices, as well as proper risk evaluation and management, AICL is poised to give world class performance. 


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Location Abuja, Nigeria
Targets Nigeria
Sectors Sector agnostic