4DX Ventures

4DX Ventures is an early stage venture firm focused on Africa

4DX Ventures is an early stage venture firm focused on Africa. We partner with world class entrepreneurs leveraging technology to build transformative businesses.

Our evaluation criteria include:

Management team — We look for world class founders who are passionate about the problems they are solving, and possess the grit, focus, judgment, depth of understanding about their business & sector, and level of skill / experience that means they are the best team to go after this opportunity.

Size of the market opportunity — We look for businesses that are operating in multi-billion $ addressable markets where achieving $100mm in revenues over the next 5-7 years is a realistic possibility.

The vision for the business — We look for founders who have a big but realistic vision of the impact their businesses can have on the continent, and a clear plan for how they will get there from where they are now.

Quality and scalability of the business model — We look for business models with great unit economics, high expected returns on invested capital, strong network effects / scale advantages, and defensible moats.

Traction and what has been built so far — We give a lot of credit to businesses who have proven that there is demand for their products.


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Location New York, United States of America
Targets Africa
EdTech, Enterprise software, Fintech, Healthcare, HealthTech, Software as a Service, Transport and logistics