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Your elevator pitch. Be as short, concise and to the point as possible. Tell us what you do and why your business has potential.
What is unique in how you are doing it?
Please be specific regarding the numbers of subscribers, value of transactions in US dollars, partnerships you have concluded.
Please include specific milestones you are trying to reach. What is your subscriber/user growth rate now?
Please describe type of capital/name of the fund or angel group and amount raised.
List all founder and their titles and roles in the company. Please describe ownership breakdown between the founders, employees, and any other stakeholders. Please list emails, phone numbers and Skype names for each founder.
Please list two members of the team (at least one should be executive level) and their citizenships.
Please help us understand how we can help.

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You can upload your Investor Pitch Deck under the 'Documents' tab of the 'Fundraising' section of your company's profile on VC4A. If you have questions about this, please contact Alina Vinogradova via alina@vc4a.com