Zuwa Energy Pty Limited Prepaid, affordable and reliable solar electricity for the last mile

Zuwa Energy uses state of the art software technology to deploy its products allowing its customers to acquire these SHS by paying small amounts over a period of time. By partnering other businesses in a B2B model on the supply side, we keep our costs down and eventually the prices to the customers are competitive. On demand side, we sell through a network of agents across Malawi. Zuwa makes sure to only partner those companies that have respect for quality over quantity to ensure that our customers are not a dumping lot, but receive value from their hard earned money. The target markets are all rural areas where there is no grid connection. However, we also sell to a portion of on-grid low income households who can’t afford grid connection.

Stage Unknown EST July 2016
Sectors Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy, Solar power
Location Lilongwe, Malawi
Markets Malawi
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