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Zone app Limited zoner simply scales a certain radius and shows businesses around

It has an interface as that of whatsapp. You can simply chat with a business and view its status. It is extremely cheap as it only charges shs 100 per month for the business but not the resident. Unlike uber where there are several fee charges per ride or whatsapp where you ought to save a customer/ client contact to chat for only a single day then you keep on viewing their statuses which are irrelevant, or facebook online shopping where there are numerous fraud cases, zoner has the advantage of registering a business and it taps the exact gps and anyone within the 3 or 4 km range can view your details either in pic format or text as whatsapp and you can directly chat with him/her. You can register as a business or resident. E.g while at home you can confirm if the fuel station is open or its under maintenance so as to avoid any inconveniences of coming back home.

Sectors Business services
Location Ndenderu, Kenya
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