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Payments in Africa is a challenge! As a developer having your credit card processor is a huge blow. I experienced these challenges when I was looking for a partner in accepting credit cards on my site. You can mention Stripe, PayPal, and other international processors, but:
1. Stripe does not cover African countries. They only have a solution of stripe atlas, a huge challenge is the costs that come with it, as they charge $500 for setup and your company is US incorporated. This is not only inconvenient but also the tax charges you will be slapped with, double taxation.
2. PayPal doesn’t offer credit card processing without having a PayPal account which is a huge hustle, integrations and chargebacks from customers without paypal hearing the seller’s story, the refunds are approved after wasting time.
Most other payment processors eg SKRILL, 2checkout also don’t cover African countries.

These challenges as a developer looking for a solution for my apps made me create Zipwallet!

We process payments, offer unsecured loans, escrow features, shops and developer APIs