Zion Inspire Gaming Company To enjoy, relax to inspire youth and to create group which help youth

Wishing to succeed with the underprivileged youth in meeting together at a sports station to form a cohesive and high-profile group with the goal of each of us participating in the economy of one another..
For example a group of hundred young people with a hundred different views. in one’s business is sure of 99 customers who will also develop relationships with their immediate neighbors.
The goal is for everyone to grow up to have a hundred young people as well. THANK YOU I believe I will find who will believe this and will help lift more people. We need help in this please..ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

Stage Idea/Concept stage EST February 2020
Sectors Computer games
Location Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of
Markets Tanzania, United Republic of
Customer model B2C
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